Store Pili Coiffure beauty and hair care I.C.O.N.

Using only recyclable packaging & only tested on humans

I.C.O.N. PRODUCTS ® follow the company's philosophy of making a difference. We use only the purest ingredients, locked inside the highest quality formulations to deliver exactly what's needed, when needed.

We always push the envelope, reaching for influences that will truly affect change. We use anti-agers, anti-oxidants, acai berry, the A.C.E. of vitamins, phytoestrogens and other technological advancements to advance the cause of beauty. All products are vegan, paraffin free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

  • I.C.O.N. Shampoos
Cleansing is a personal experience based on individual needs. I.C.O.N. understands this. ​It's why we've created shampoos that are open to interpretation. Each contains extraordinary ingredients to cleanse, moisturize, repair and volumize. To create an experience in purity.

  • I.C.O.N. Conditioners
Conditioners need to detangle, manage, add shine and create a better surface. I.C.O.N. conditioners combine quality and technology, inside products that provide what they promise. We invite you to choose your conditioner based on your needs. It's really that simple.
  • I.C.O.N. Treatments
Treatments must address specific problems by providing equally specific solutions. To achieve the ultimate result, hair must become healthy, resilient and full of shine. I.C.O.N. treatments prepare hair for style by improving over-all strength.

India cosmetics line

India is a mystical country, full of wisdom and beauty. INDIA from I.C.O.N. is equally mysterious, capturing the essence of health and tranquility inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa to add luster and strength to hair; Argan to nourish and revitalize; and the fragrance of Amber to invoke past, present and future peace.

Styling I.C.O.N. Products

Style is how everyone influences their individual presentation to the world. From unique body-expanding meringues to interweaving pomades to styling gel, I.C.O.N. styling tools represent a wide variety of consistencies to create influential styling. This real world style is for real world consumers searching for their true identity.